La Rosière - Off Piste Skiing

La Rosière offers some extensive off piste skiing.
You must be aware that off piste runs are not prepared or patrolled, and some can be extremely remote. Avalanche transceivers should be worn for safety and due regard should be paid to snow and weather conditions. You should check that your insurance covers you for off piste skiing and be aware that you ski at your own risk.

The Combe des Moulins from La Traversette (at the top of the TS Du Fort chairlift) offers extensive off piste skiing from 2396m (higher if you climb a bit) to, snow permitting, the bottom of the Petit Bois chairlift at 1500m.

You can also ski from the top of the Roches Noires and Plan du Répos Noir chairlifts over the back (north face) of Le Roc Noir - care should be taken that you do not, however, ski below the (snow covered & closed) D1090 road if you want to be able to return to La Rosière on skis. The marker poles for the road are visible.

Further off piste skiing is also available from the top of the Roches Noires chairlift, again make sure that you do not ski below the D1090 road, although the Les Ecudets chairlift can be used if you rejoin the piste system.

Extensive off piste opportunities are available on the Little St Bernard pass, using the N90 road for access back to La Rosière. This road passes the old hospice on the pass, which is now a museum and Chanousia, an alpine garden (both are closed during winter).

Le Spot des Zittieux,
accessible from the top of the Roches Noires chairlift is a patrolled off-piste skiing area
allowing you to practise freeskiing techniques in a natural and progressive area.

Further details on off piste skiing and ski touring opportunities are available, on request

Guides are available from the ski schools for those who wish to ventire further afield. Mont Valaisan and the Ruitor glacier offer ski touring opportunities, along with other areas.

Heliskiing, unusually for France, is also possible from La Rosière, with pick-ups made from just over the Italian border (usually near the bottom of the Piccolo San Bernardo chairlift).


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