To ski to La Thuile (Italy)

There is extensive skiing available on the Italian side, allowing you to ski right into La Thuile. If snow cover is low, the area is well equipped with snow cannons, allowing access on skis to La Thuile (1441 m) even late in the season.
Those who do not wish to ski to La Thuile from Les Suches can take the gondola down.

To access La Thuile from La Rosière:- Take the TS Roches Noires chairlift from La Rosière and ski across on Piste 43 (Belette) to the bottom of the TS Du Fort (Tony in the La Traversette bar by the bottom of this lift may be persuaded to offer a free coffee to early birds!).
Take the chairlift to the fort and then ski to your right down Piste 51 (Bouquetin) continuing to the bottom of the Bellecombe and Bellecombe 1 drag lifts. Take either lift to the top (these lifts are about 1.7 km long). One now has several alternatives, but ensure that you have a valid lift pass for Italy before continuing:

Those seeking a gentle run to La Thuile can turn left at the top of Bellecombe or Bellecombe 1 and continue on Piste 26 (Liaison) joining Piste 7 (San Bernardo). Continue past the bottom of the Fourclaz chairlift (and Roxi bar - great hot chocolate) and this run will take you to La Thuile (much of this run is over the road (closed to traffic in winter!)

Intermediate skiers can ski to La Thuile using Pistes 18 and 6 (Ponteilles and La Nuova) accessed either by using the Bellecombe 2 chairlift and following Piste 18. By the Offshore Bar continue straight on down Piste 18 which joins Piste 6. It is worth stopping a few hundred yards after the Offshore Bar for a great view of the Ruitor Glacier and to hear the complete silence.

Intermediates can also reach the Offshore Bar by turning left at the top of the Bellecombe and Bellecombe 1 drag lifts using Piste 26 (Liaison) to the bottom of the Fourclaz chairlift. Take this lift and at the top, ski straight ahead on Piste 20 (Promenade) for a few hundred metres and then bear right onto Piste 19 (Fourclaz) until you reach the Offshore Bar. Continue to La Thuile as above.

Those seeking black runs to La Thuile are well catered for, but be warned - some of these runs are very steep and can, at times, be icy. Piste 3 (Tre) should satisfy thrill seekers!

From the top of the Bellecombe and Bellecombe 1 lifts turn left using Pistes 26 and 7 to the bottom of the Fourclaz chairlift (by the Roxi Bar). Take this lift and at top ski straight ahead on Piste 20 (Promenade) bearing left towards Les Suches. One can reach La Thuile using Pistes 2 (Diretta), 3 (Tre) or 5 (Muret). Pistes 2 & 3 are accessible by skiing past the Les Suches complex (top of the gondola), leaving it on your right. Piste 5 starts near the bottom of the Chaz Dura Express chairlift (just below the Les Suches complex if you leave it on your left). Piste 3 also has a testing upper section - this can be reached by taking the Chalet Express chairlift from just below Les Suches and skiing down Piste 14 (Terre-Noire) to the start of Piste 3 (this is just underneath the chairlift).

La Buvette, at the bottom of the Les Suches gondola station, is a convenient bar to meet in if you decide to take different routes. La Thuile has a number of other bars, restaurants and shops, although many shops are closed at lunchtime. The ice creams in the Gelaterria are well worth the stop.

To return to La Rosière from La Thuile (leave around 1h 30 minutes to return), take the Les Suches gondola and then ski down to your left to the Chaz Dura Express lift. At the top of the Chaz Dura Express ski to your left to the top of the Fourclaz lift using Piste 7.

Continue on Piste 7 (keep to the left after passing below the Fourclaz lift) and join Piste 26 (Liaison) to take you to the bottom of the Piccolo San Bernardo chairlift. This lift starts close to the Italian - French border. Take this lift and follow signs back to La Rosière using Piste 26.

This will bring you to the bottom of the Chardonnay chairlift which accesses the main La Rosière ski area. Take this lift. At the top you can return directly to La Rosière using Piste 46 (Choucas) or make your own way back.


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